is a hot air balloon operator


is a hot air balloon operator

We fly over the beautiful landscapes of southern Piedmont, offering our clients a unique view of this wonderful area


You can select from various points of take-off:


Taking off in Barolo allows you to start your flight among the vineyards and, if the wind allows, to pass close to some of the hilltop villages and castles of the Langhe.


Mondovì is closer to the Alps, allowing you to see the mountains from the sky: they look so close!

We also offer different types of flight:

Private flights

A Private flights allows to share the experience with just your loved ones. You can also choose a specific day for your flight.

Group flight

A Group flight gives you the opportunity to get to know others while enjoying the beautiful landscapes. We decide the take-off date together, according to our schedule.

Degustazione vini in mongolfiera

Whichever option you choose, at the end of the flight we celebrate together with a light brunch on the landing field.

Depending on the type of flight, we are also able to offer some additional services:

Servizio fotografico in mongolfiera
on board

Or just at take-off…
Photo services to provide a lasting memory of your flight.

Degustazione vini in mongolfiera
on board

A wine expert to help you discover the local wines

Musica dal vivo in mongolfiera
on board

Live music to accompany your flight!

E-bike dopo il volo in mongolfiera
at landing

Why not continue your exploration of the Langhe on land? There’s no better way to see the vineyards and villages than on an e-bike.

If you would like to know more, please check out our FAQ or contact us.