Fulfill the dream of flying at the foot of the Maritime Alpi in the Mondovì area, or perhaps over the hills of the Langhe UNESCO heritage site in the Barolo area

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We are a company that organizes hot air balloon flights over the beautiful Langhe area and Mondovì (the Italian capital of hot air balloons).

You can choose whether to take an exclusive flight, then having the hot air balloon entirely reserved, or take part in a group flight in the company of our other passengers.

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We fly all year round, in all seasons!

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Giroinmongolfiera S.r.l. is an ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) certified company. To date, it is one of the main aerostat operators and is a leader in Piedmont, where its headquarters are located.

We have a great responsibility: to fulfill your dream of flying in a hot air balloon, and we want it to be the best experience possible.

Our team of highly-qualified  pilots, with years of experience and many hours of commercial flights under their belts, guarantee you will enjoy your flight in total safety.



    Fulfill the dream of flying to the foothills of the Maritime Alps in the Mondovi area, or perhaps to the hills of the Langhe UNESCO World Heritage site in the Barolo area

    In the group flight, you will fly together with other passengers who, like you, have chosen to experience hot air ballooning together. You can purchase one or more tickets for you and friends/family, we will take care to put you on the same balloon so that you can still fly together.

    In the Reserved Basket, the entire hot air balloon will be reserved for you and your loved ones. (Up to 12, depending on the package chosen or using more hot air balloon even larger number of participants).

    The hot air balloon exploits Archimedes’ principle: The air heated inside the envelope by the burner is lighter than the surrounding air. In other words: The upward thrust provided by a hot air balloon depends mainly on the difference between the temperature outside and the temperature of the air contained in the balloon.

    It is not filled with any light gas (helium, hydrogen).

    When you are in a hot air balloon all you can do is imitate Scarlett O’Hara: go Gone with the Wind! There is no direction command, the only thing the pilot can decide is the altitude. Of course, the flight is carefully planned, having the safety of the passengers as a priority, and indicatively you can determine what the direction of travel may be, however, it is also nice to improvise according to the situation. Can you think of something more romantic and adventurous at the same time?

    The hot air balloon is an uncomplicated piece of machinery, and therefore not very prone to failure. Our pilots pass tests every year to prove their skill, and our hot air balloons are constantly maintained and checked by a specialized technician from outside the company: risks are minimized. Careful flight preparation including the study of weather conditions: this is our standard practice and is an additional guarantee for your peace of mind.

    The best advice you can give is to dress as if you are going on a field trip. In fact you will generally take off and land by/in a field. It is possible to find mud; waterproof shoes are ideal. ABSOLUTELY NO high-heeled shoes are allowed: when landing it is possible to experience some jolting, this type of shoe could do you harm. During the winter months you will generally not feel the cold any more than on the ground, but an extra shirt may come in handy. The part of the body most exposed to the cold will be the feet and hands: adjust accordingly. In general, it is best to avoid synthetic fabrics and equip yourself with a hat, especially in summer, to protect your head from the heat emitted by the burner.

    We also recommend bringing along a spare pair of shoes, socks and trousers because the meadows where we land might be wet and with tall grass.

    We fly all year round, Each season has its own charm. Especially winter, when the days are crystal clear and the view reaches great distances.

    It depends on the season. Flights in the Mondovi area take place exclusively in the morning shortly after sunrise, those from Barolo either at sunrise or towards sunset except for the summer months when only mornings are flown because of the heat. The heat of the middle part of the day, besides being annoying when excessive, creates turbulence that disrupts flying.

    The complete experience, from the meeting with preparations to the landing with balloon pickup and return to base, can take 3 to 4 1/2 hours. The flight alone takes about an hour.

    However, one must take into account that the flight may take longer: the pilot cannot control the direction of the balloon, it depends on the wind, so if the pilot has not found a suitable landing site after one hour he will continue.

    So when you decide to come and fly and plan your trip we recommend that you don’t make too tight a schedule because you won’t be able to enjoy the experience serenely!

    All children taller than 120 cm who are 7 years of age or older can fly: this is because if they were younger, they would not be able to see out of the basket in addition to the fact that they might not enjoy the experience of flying in a hot air balloon (which is of the contemplative type) by getting bored and fidgety…in which case even you parents would not be able to enjoy the experience with the right peace and serenity!!!

    Flying in a hot air balloon involves no special risks or contraindications. However, it is essential to enjoy a good state of health.

    For safety reasons, it is not possible to fly if you are pregnant, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or unable to maintain the support position during the landing stages, which consists of bending your knees while holding on to the special handles.

    Not recommended to fly for those with cardiovascular or respiratory problems.

    Those who have been scuba diving in the previous 48 hours cannot fly for safety reasons.

    Any type of disability must be disclosed at the time of booking; it is important that the pilot knows about it so that you can be assured of maximum safety!

    The pilot has the authority to decide whether the participant is fit to fly.

    If you have any doubts about this, consult your medical professional!

    Generally, we do not go above 1500 m above sea level; we usually travel at lower altitudes in order to admire the scenery. However, it depends on the day and weather conditions.

    We plan our flights carefully, following the weather forecast in detail. In case of bad weather the flight can be cancelled, even just a few hours before the scheduled take-off. In this case we reschedule the flight again, just send us an email asking for the new available dates!

    Absolutely not! Especially in winter, the flame of the burner will warm our flight pleasantly. The only part of the body that might suffer from the cold is the feet, but it is sufficient to dress carefully.

    We do not know exactly where we will land, depending on the wind direction. In any case, we will be followed constantly by the ground crew who, once we land, will take us back to the rendezvous point.

    If you don’t have a ticket yet you can access our catalog and choose the flight that’s right for you!

    Once you have your voucher in hand go to the “do you already have a ticket” section, fill out the Form and you will receive a reply within 24 hours maximum.

    If you would like a consultation on upcoming available dates before you buy you can contact us HERE.

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