Frequently Asked Questions

In a group flight, you partecipate as an individual customer and we create “the teams”. In a reserved basket, you can decide how many people you can bring with you!

The hot air balloon works according to Archimedes’principle: the air heated inside the balloon is lighter than the surrounding air. We don’t use any light and/or inflammable gas (helium or hydrogen).

When you are on a balloon you can do nothing else but imitate Katie Scarlett O’Hara: Gone with the Wind! There are no commands of direction; the only thing the pilot can decide, is the altitude. Obviously the flight is carefully planned being the passangers’ safety our first priority. We can approximately determine the direction of travel, however it’s also nice to improvise according to the situation. Can you think of anything else more romantic and adventurous than this?

The hot-air balloon is not a complex machine, therefore little prone to failures. Every year our pilots must pass some tests which prove their ability: risks are reduced to a minimum. A careful flight preparation including the study of weather conditions is our standard practice and represents a further guarantee for your peace of mind.

Our best advice is to dress as for a trip to the countryside. Actually, we usually take off and land from/into a field. The area might be muddy so waterproof shoes are perfect. High heel shoes are STRONGLY forbidden. During landing you might experience some bumps, for this reason this type of shoes could be harmful. Normally you will not feel colder than usual, however bringing an extra sweater might be useful. The parts of your body more exposed to cold are generally your feet, so figure out what to do. In general we suggest to avoid synthetic fabrics and to bring with you a hat, especially during summer.

We can fly in any season, weather permitted. Every period of the year is fascinating, especially in winter, when the days are extremely bright and the sight can reach far away distances. Flying after a snowfall is fantastic! And moreover, in winter we can fly anytime during the day.

It depends on the season. In summer, we can fly early in the morning or in the late afternoon; the heat in the middle of the day can create turbulences which may disrupt the flight. In winter, on the contrary, we can fly anytime

The complete experience, starting from the preparation until the landing, arranging the balloon and bringing it back to the headquarter can last from 3 to 4 hours and half. The flight lasts about 1 hour.

All children who are taller than 120 cm. can fly. This is because if they are shorter, they will not be able to see outside the basket. Obviously, they will have to be accompanied by their parents.

Generally anybody can fly: for safety reasons, pregnant women, heart patients and people with respiratory disesases are forbidden to fly. It may happen that during landing we have to squat to soften the impact with the ground: anyone who, for any reason, cannot keep the crouched position will be forbidden to fly. For the same reason, we do not recommend the flight to people suffering from osteopororis. For any doubt, please consult your doctor.

We normally don’t fly over 1500 mt. of height, we usually fly at lower height. Anyway it depends on the day and the weather conditions; if the sky is particularly clear, rising from Piedmont we can catch sight of the sea!

We carefully plan our flights following in detail the weather forecast. In case of bad weather, the flight can be cancelled even few hours before the scheduled take off.

Absolutely not! Especially in winter, the burner flame will pleasantly reheat our flight. The only part of the body which could suffer from the cold are our feet.

We don’t know exactly where we are going to land, it depends on the direction of the wind. In any case, we will be constantly followed by our ground crew and, once landed, they will bring us back to the starting point.

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